People who have decided to move their personal vehicles from one location to another using Car Shipping services must take extra care to prepare the interior of the vehicle prior to handing over the keys. Included in the vehicle shipping price is insurance coverage that begins as soon as the car or truck is loaded on the trailer, so there are no worries in terms of damage to the exterior of the vehicle. What many drivers do not think about are the items left inside.

Exterior Decorations

There may be some exterior items to worry about if the vehicle has had aftermarket parts added. Hood ornaments, three-dimensional flames on the side of the 4×4, or antlers on the roof should be removed. It is quite possible that exterior decorations installed by the family may be blown off during Car Shipping. Antenna toppers, large googly eyes or eyelashes attached to the grille, ears on the hood, or a tie that appears to be coming out of the trunk in the back are better off being removed before the vehicle is loaded.

A Thorough Cleaning

The interior needs to be clean to avoid the dirt, leaves, and pebbles on the floor from becoming a mess on the seats upon arrival. To fit many vehicles on open trailers, they are secured at different angles. Take a minute to recall the last time you passed an auto transport trailer and the importance of this step is obvious. Having the car or truck detailed is wise as well. Leave an air freshener inside to prevent a musty or stale smell.

Items Become Projectiles

Be sure to check under the seats, between back seat cushions, and in any door pockets for toys, coins, pens, tire gauges, hair clips, or chapstick tubes. Once the truck driver begins going over bumps, swerving to miss moose in the road, or stopping quickly at construction sites, those small items are jostled loose and can become projectiles. That toy can take out a reading light on the ceiling. The coins can crack a rear-view mirror, and that pen can mark up the leather. Double check all the inconspicuous areas that swallow and hide small items.

Empty All Compartments

Unless the interior compartments can be locked, make sure they are completely empty. These may open in transport and make a mess in the interior. Cleaning wipes will dry by leaking fluid all over the floor or seat. That notebook will be folded up or have pages ripped out of it. The extra pair of sunglasses may get cracked, and that candy bar in the center console will melt into every crevice in that compartment during the car hauling process.

Do Not Forget the Trunk

If owners prefer items remain in the truck while in transport, make sure they are secured in place. Windshield cleaner, brake fluid, or a quart of oil may leak or spill if the container becomes crushed or cracked. The ice scraper can tear the lining of the trunk, and those blankets can become bunched in small spaces, making it impossible to put the seat down. It is not likely the vehicle will be subject to excessive motion when transported via Car Shipping, but there are no guarantees of a completely smooth ride either.

In many cases, the choice of car shipping is a practical one. Making sure the interior of the vehicle does not become damaged in the process is the responsibility of the owner. Do not give the car a fast once-over, check it carefully. Be thorough, take items out of the car, and add an air freshener so the car arrives in excellent condition and smells nice. Find more at Car Mover Auto Transport.

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