Month: February 2019

Preparing a Personal Vehicle for Shipping´╗┐

People who have decided to move their personal vehicles from one location to another using Car Shipping services must take extra care to prepare the interior of the vehicle prior to handing over the keys. Included in the vehicle shipping price is insurance coverage that begins as soon as the car or truck is loaded on the trailer, so there are no worries in terms of damage to the exterior of the vehicle. What many drivers do not think about are the items left inside.

Exterior Decorations

There may be some exterior items to worry about if the vehicle has had aftermarket parts added. Hood ornaments, three-dimensional flames on the side of the 4×4, or antlers on the roof should be removed. It is quite possible that exterior decorations installed by the family may be blown off during Car Shipping. Antenna toppers, large googly eyes or eyelashes attached to the …

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Hyundai xcent cars available in low as well as high range

The Hyundai xcent Car was introduced last year with several unique new features that are not only affordable but also pack for action. It comes with the hold range of variants which makes the Hyundai xcent price range between rupees 5.65 lacs to rupees 8.69 lacs and key specifications of all the variants includes 25.4 km per litre mileage, 1197 cc engine capacity, 81.6 BHP, manual and automatic transmission and capable of seating 5 persons.

The Hyundai xcent 1.2 vtvt E:

This variant of the Hyundai xcent price is rupees 5.65 lacs with 20.14 kilometre per litre mileage, 1197 cc engine capacity, 80 1.86 BHP, manual transmission, and five seeds. The engine runs on petrol fuel and is capable of a maximum power of 80 1.86 BHP @ 6000 RPM and a maximum torque of 113.75 NM @ 4000 RPM and a cargo volume of 407 Litres.

Image result for images of Hyundai xcent 1.2 vtvt E

Hyundai xcent 1.2 …

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